Class, my ass, this is life-changing!

“Got Goosebumps?”

This 4 week Course provides awareness into your own talents to help gain insight for life.

(South Portland, hosted by Your Best Self Energy Healing™ Spiritual Renaissance Center, 884 Broadway Street. upstairs, 6-8pm starting Tuesday 11/14.) 

  “You’ll feel so much more confident around your true natural talents.”

*A daily practice will give you greater connection.

*We build from wherever you are, to becoming comfortable at Mediumship.

*Each week, you’ll be practicing in the class, to perfect your Psychic acumen.

In this course, intuitive guide, seasoned reader, and Empath, Paula Hill, provides the training and practice you need to develop natural intuitive and psychic gifts. This begins fulfilling that potential. 

Topics covered:

  • Overcome those dratted challenges to becoming more intuitive
  • Feel, hear, and see psychically 
  • Working with your trusted and lively Spirit Guides 
  • Energy Balancing for Power
  • Discover the gifts of Hypnosis and Dousing
  • Maintain a needed clear, safe inner space
  • Make best intuitive decisions for your life
  • Experience giving readings

This course is designed to overcome the limitations that most people experience when they “try” to see, hear, and feel psychically. It gives you every opportunity to discover your Goosebump intuition. And strengthens it. This is a deep, absorbing journey to expand your psychic ability in your every day life.

Registration before November 7, 2016 JUST $334 (Save $100)

Includes two additional bonus sessions:

 –  Whose Voice IS That? (NOVEMBER 7TH 6-8PM)

An avenue to understand how to separate the insight from Universe and YOU. This ability to get the clarity of the Voice gives you the confidence as a Medium. You’ll find, your Self to be completely aware and awake to the information. It’s exceedingly helpful in making best decisions in your life and help others in theirs.

(VALUE $47)

 – The Biggest Hurdles Mediums Face. (December 19, 2016 6-8PM)

When you know what stumbling blocks to expect in using your newfound skills, you can circumvent them more readily. You’ll get insight from other experts from around the globe, who’ve been in the business for decades. They can help you avoid the pitfalls and be the best Medium you can!

(VALUE $47)

Each BONUS is also available as a stand-alone option 


Can’t wait to see you!

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thanks for your support!

Paula Finocchiaro Hill, Empath


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