Dratted challenges.

To be more intuitive is to honor your Self. To dig around, despite fear. To take away the shame of not knowing. To move, even if it means a creating an affirmative thought pattern versus an actual step forward.

One recent client, we’ll call her Susie, got a phone call from her physician. The doc told her there was a spot on the esophagus and they wanted to do some further testing. Susie was to remain calm, reduce her exercise, take short breaks throughout the day, and be aware of her breathing. They scheduled an appointment three days from that time.

Susie went into a panic. Her family has a history of throat cancer. They’ve lost a number of siblings as well as an Aunt to this very prognosis. She thought this was THE END. 

We had a session the day after that conversation. I had Susie tune-into the muscular tube connecting with the energy from the throat, on down to the stomach. She said “I’m doomed.” I took an intuitive glance at the area. I asked her to explain what was going on, as if her throat had a voice. 

The conversation took a turn. 

Susie now has a handle on her own intimate practice with her body. The prognosis was good, test results far better than anyone, including herself, expected. She knows what to do when she’s up against the Story of her Life, versus the TRUTH. 

Do a little better each day.

I can tell you, show you, encourage you in this “GOT GOOSEBUMPS?” series, to expand on your own solution to your particular challenge.

Be there, or be square!!


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