Energy balance for POWER!

There are many methods for balance. I utilize my EFT skills, essential oils, meditation (we will meditate each and every session and speak of these options) and there are so many more resources to explore!

I “TAP” for relaxation, use a diffuser to create a mood, eat fresh foods, drink a lot of clean water, burn Palo Santo or something equivalent. I want my energy and the environment to be as open and inviting as possible. Energy is sensitive and can be absorbent. It’s important to enter and exit with a clear space.

A guy stepped into my house with an EXTRA energy. I could feel it more than see a large wisp of blackish grey. It was bold and stimulating, strong, clingy, and demanding. I suggested it stay outside during the reading. It wouldn’t budge. I told it to behave, be quiet, and it could stay. No monkeying around or I’d force it to go. 

I heard voices during the session. Words shot out from the corner of the room. A heavy object was tossed in warning but I ignored it all and paid close attention to my client and his worries. I got up and lit a match to burn sandalwood. I sent loving messages to the Entity and told it to be steady. I comforted it with my heart chakra. It responded. Calmed. Melted. I stood behind my client, performing Qi Gong intentional healing. 

When the client left, he seemed more youthful. 

I got an email from him about a week later. He got a promotion at work, was asked to speak in front of his Rotary Club, and renewed his relationship with his brother. The “other” Energy was a dark experience of himself. It left him as he departed my house. He knew it, felt it, acknowledged it.

Power is something I believe we had when we came onto this planet. It’s a matter of sending out a search and rescue, if you will, to find the perfect resources for you.

Let’s take a look during “Got Goosebumps?” sessions!


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