Feel, hear, and see psychically.

This is your chance of knowing who you are as an Intuitive, Psychic, Medium (no, it has NOTHING to do with size!)

We’ll explore together, what skill set you have (I can hear, see, and know, but not speak with the Spirits from the other side.)

I had a class scheduled in the Adult Ed Catalog. It came out months ago, both online and door-to-door. As of last week, I had TWO, count ‘um, 2 registered for the two-session class. I figured the topic (Downsizing for Dummies) was a no-brainer. All the data showed it’s a winner. Every magazine you pick up, one of the Top Best Sellers is focused on decluttering, feng shui practitioners, Real Estate Agents, EVERYONE is talking about it. My previous classes were well attended. 

I solicited everyone I knew to help me get more people registered. The guest speakers, my FB fans, the previous class participants, were corralled. I announced the classes at every networking meeting (morning, noon, and night.)

Nada. No more registrations came in.

Four days before the first class, I had to “Call it.”

Ranted and raved for about an hour. Wanted to crawl in a hole and not come out. Reflected on the Want Ads for a time. Fumed at the dog. 

Then, I “came to.” 

I understand that Universe had other plans. This is the way it’s s’pozed to be. I have to pull up my Big Girl Pants and get to work on the next step. Look at what’s in front of me and decide.   

You will understand better-who you are in your Intuitive side, when you take Got Goosebumps?. The part of you that, with more clarity, can help yourself choose more quickly, will be spotlighted. 

We need to know (and remember) what is in our best interest, in order to better pick the path.

Come to “Got Goosebumps?” and get what’s coming to you!


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