Working with your trusted (and lively) Spirit Guides

 Everyone has a collective of Guides that push, pull, implore, console, and advise. You can learn to tap into them. Find out who they are, what messages they have for you, how they can help with future events. And most importantly, so you do know YOU ARE WATCHED OVER.

Cara, a client of mine, has an incredible medicine woman Guide. She’s so old and wrinkly, her skin looks crunchy and smooth at the same time (the Guide, not Cara.) The Woman Who Walks with the Gods (she tells me her given name) has little to say and much to “show.” She displays medicinal plants, points to where they should be placed on Cara’s body, and gestures how soothed she’ll feel afterwards. It’s an amazing scene, displayed for my eyes only. I always wish I’d been given the gift of drawing something other than an unrecognizable stick figure. Or I’d sketch it out for Cara.

I describe The Woman Who Walks with the Gods in great detail, doing my very best to express her love for Cara. I recommend Cara draw her in, sing to her, honor and cherish her daily. For this earthy knowing Spirit has been with her for many lifetimes. She’s been on Cara’s path, as though she’s at one with the clay she stands upon.  

There IS that greater being. 

And they are worth knowing.



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