A clear, safe, inner space required.

In order to feel very secure and comfortable, it’s best to create and be consistent about your home, car, workspace, and wherever you go regularly in your daily practice. Awareness of what you are consciously generating brings positive momentum, which leads to a winning mediumship practice.

Each space you spend time in, especially sleeping and meditating, should be calm and restoring. 

Decluttering is an imperative process of getting clear about YOUR energy, versus the vibration of things. Make sure that most of what you have in the environment serves you.

What does that actually mean?

Gifts from people who are no longer in your life maintain the energy of that relationship. That’s why a lot of people have a hard time giving away something that reminds them of the loved one. However, there are relationships that were toxic and unkind. They, represented by photos of your time together, things you bought when you were with them, and anything that actually reminds you of them, carries that energy.

“Cleaning” them, clearing that sentiment is a good practice, and I recommend those items are then donated. It is actually therapeutic to process through these goods, to get your space cleared-up. You will definitely notice a difference when those things are OUT of your life for good. Once cleared, they no longer carry the energy of someone else, so don’t worry about donating them, passing along any negativity. The recipient doesn’t have that same connectivity to that person, therefore isn’t effected in that way.

Your car is also an area to consider. If it isn’t organized, doesn’t have space to put groceries and other necessities, you constantly have to shuffle things around to make room, it isn’t healthy. 

Opportunity requires empty space. It needs room for you to recognize it, do something with it, once noticed. So difficult to add a new person, information, things that excite you, if you don’t have the “room” in your life.

Take the time to imagine each of the places you spent time in. Where could you do some “cleaning?”

We will cover more of this, and how to fuel your momentum in this area during the Got Goosebumps? Course.

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