Intuition – choose!

Make best intuitive decisions for your life.

We tend to second-guess ourselves ALL THE TIME. Right?

In this “Got Goosebumps?’ series, you’ll know HOW TO see things from a different perspective. Just turn the kaleidoscope a bit and look at the choices from that new angle.

This is a method to turn off the history, ignore the speculation of future, and seek best and most confident options for your present.

Margy, who’s a nursing student, would LOVE to be traveling, on the road and in another culture. She wants the rush of being part of a bigger picture, helping people who’re settled in dire living conditions.

Marly can’t wait to finish school.

And during a reading, I tell her there’s another possibility. Can she feel it? We walk through the future, as of next Semester, in other part of the world. She can hear French being spoken around her. The clinic is part of a school program, a completely different routine than the one she knows. Her sense of self is more progressed. She thinks about her studies, focal point has converted to more of what she imagined it COULD be. We explode the paradigm of her psychic connection.

We walk thru the present-to-her-possible future, looking at the “what if?,” “I wonder?,” “This is curious…” and go FROM there.

Can you see the potential for your own life?

This new decision creates another pattern.

You’re attracted to where you want to be.

The support within is reflected on the outside with circumstances, people, situations, ideas, new creativity.

This is what you’ll learn about in “Got Goosebumps?”

You in?
Better be!
See you at registration:


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