“Oh Trudy!!”

is to call a name out loud.
I know, it sounds incredible that it could be that easy!
Truthfully, it is usually the first name that comes to mind. “Trudy” pops out of my mouth, as I wonder, “Who’s around?”

Then, I can pose any question I want to know the answer to, whether it be:

What should I have for lunch?
Who can I call or email since I’m feeling blue?
What should I be doing RIGHT NOW for my business?
How can I pay the rent?
When is the best time to run my errands?

Try it out.
See what happens.
Test the waters.
Break free of “I don’t know’s..”

You can keep track of your “wins” by writing things down in a journal. Make note of the patterns that arise.
It IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to start generating what you know (and most often it’s RIGHT ON) with practice.

Please let me know how it goes….and SHARE the heck out of your results.

*Remember, it isn’t about being RIGHT, it’s about dabbling in the insight and not succumbing to the ego satisfaction of success. It may very well look “wrong” and turn out, in the end, to be spot-on.



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