Come Here, Well-Being

Do you recognize the WELL-BEING sensation? If you don’t, you could (I won’t SHOULD on you this morning.)

Once you have that Well-Being experience, you’ll want it always and forever; just like that feeling you get placing the loaded shopping bags in the trunk, the delightful knowing as the wait staff presents you with the platter of a sultry dish, the moment you glance at your lover – no matter what the two of you are doing, inhaling your infant’s innocent breath, and the swirl of glory in the sunset.

She’s gotta have it, he thrives on it, you just get it.


It’s all what you manifest for your very own dictionary. As you turn the pages from “Wa” and get to “Well,” you inhale a specific image. It represents the significance of your WELL-BEING.

It does evolve with time, however.

Each moment, you could generate another meaning for Well-Being. It’s totally up to you.

Who knew?

Your Greatest Self always knows. It’s simply a matter of tapping it, tuning-in, connecting, asking, excavating, scavenging, sorting, organizing, being present to, and sharing.

‘Cause in speaking it aloud, there’s something even more magical that occurs.

Take a chance and experiment with the reactions. Don’t be stingy!

The responses from both YOU and THEM are glorious, curious, and can be enticing!

And let me know how it goes, because I live for that shit, really!

Please and thank you rolled into a big ball of LOVE,



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