Getting a Peace Delivery

One of my favorite practices is Tonglen.

It’s an incredible way of not only mindfully pulling oneself out of angst/upset/frustration/fear/mind chatter, but is an extraordinary connection with other human beings on a soulful level.

Here is how it goes (can take five minutes or twenty, depending upon how long you want to spend in the Presence of Peace.)

Firstly, find a place that’s comfortable. I usually put in earplugs and turn off my cell or put it in another room. Initially, you’ll have to read this. Eventually, you can generate from memory and won’t have to follow each step. It’s an easy process to learn, once you have done it once or twice.

After repeating it, this would be the time to close your eyes.

Think about the challenge that stops you. Whether it be fear of the unknown, anger, loneliness, impatience, thwarted love, a persistent health issue, or financial upset.

Let it surround you. That means, really FEEL IT, think about it, welcome it, honor it.

Be exceedingly angry, downright hurt, incredibly sad, exhaustingly lethargic, shaky or unnerved. Allow it to seep in.

Breathe it in, know it, understand where it settles in your body and Soul.


Give yourself the compassion and love you deserve. Accept and welcome the respect and lack of judgment from the Universe. This means, your Highest, Best Self comes into play here. You can sometimes feel very floaty, dreamy, unattached to your body, even tingly.

Now, imagine ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE who suffers from similar experiences – of loneliness, fret, great fear, worry, sorrow, frustration, just like you.

Bring them to mind, and give them the peace and freedom of LOVE. Offer a hug or hold their hand.

Feel them next to you.

Add another person you know in a same situation.

And another.

Now you are in a group, a membership of understanding. You all have the capacity of moving beyond the blocks that held you all in the place of darkness. You’re brought them into light.

You bring folks in that they know, people in your building, the houses next to you, the neighborhood. Now include the community. Those that suffer from your identical issue and challenge.

They are included in your Circle of Light. They become peaceful and feel LOVED.

Now, you’re accepting those people who are connected with the others. They join the group. The Circle becomes larger and wider, and deeper.

You all are beyond the pain and anguish of the same cause.

The more join in, from the surrounding Circles of connectivity, relatives and friends, and people they touch.

You start to spread to the entire country, then other continents.

Now you can see the whole globe is in your Circle, your orb of light and love, peace and calm.

You are all tranquil, happy, and free.

You breathe together for a few deep breaths. In and out as one.

As you start to become more present, you KNOW you’ve made an incredible difference to your Self and all of those who had the exact suffering that held you back from your life.

The Universe thanks you with a warm hug of acknowledgment for who you are.

On the planet.

You open your eyes.

In love,



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