How To HEAL.

How to HEAL Someone

Draw attention to the person or animal

As you turn towards them, notice where your attention goes on their body

What are the signs of pain and suffering?

People are easier than animals but can mask a lot as well, especially with chronic pain.

We instinctively KNOW what needs healing

How do you know whether they are open to accept?


– look at you
– nod or respond in agreement
– stay in one spot
– lick or rub on you (animals only!)

Imagine your HEART is sending out healing energy to the pain.

How do you know if healing actually “took?”

The animal/person:

* is calm and relaxed
* appears content or more clearly more “themself”
* more youthful in activity
* eat and drink more
* sleep better
* are less reactive to negative triggers (loud noises)

Ask yourself, did this work? (you’ll get an immediate response “Yes” or “No.”


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