5 EASY Ways to Connect with your Spirit(ed) Guides


1. Go Outside
Being in nature helps set the framework for communication with your inner wisdom.
Get away from the electro-magnetic fields (computers, tv, cell phones.) It calms the mind chatter and allows the senses to awaken.

2. Call for them
Literally. Yell out a name (CLARK!!) Think of the Spirit Guide as a character or image. Ask them to help you make a decision.

3. Automatic Writing
This written form encourages the thoughts, ideas, creativity hidden away in the recesses.
Write out three pages long-hand. Don’t read it, don’t think about what you’re writing. Just do it.
Read the pages out loud.

4. Draw them out in your dreams
Keep a journal. Write down as much as you can recall when you wake up.
You could get up in the middle of the night and write out what you saw, felt, remember.
Look for the patterns that arise.

5. Meditate
Spend at least five minutes a day letting your mind and body relax.
Actively being mindful really helps with sussing out the Spirit Guides. When your mind is quiet, you tend to focus on the root of the issues rather than the fears of the past or speculation of the future.


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