Tap, Tap, TAPPING for Abundance!

Tap Points:
1. karate chop point (only for first round)
2. top of the eyebrow
3. outside of eye
4. under the eye
5. upper lip
6. chin
7. collar bone
8. under arm
9. top of head

(Note where you are around accepting INCOME and PROSPERITY? Choose a number from one to ten.)

Round One:
Even though I’m so overwhelmed and uncomfortable by my inadequate value, I love, honor and respect my Self. (three times on karate point)
Round Two: (one line per point, starting w/top of the eyebrow)
All this pain
It’s overwhelming.
I’m sad about what I can’t do.
Because of this loss of value.
It hurts so much.
It takes so much to deal with this lack.
It’s hard to deal with the loss of income
There’s so much to figure out.
Round Three:
This pain takes so much energy.
Living my life fully feels out of reach.
It’s hard to comprehend where it comes from
It’s difficult to feel happy
When I experience this angst
All these feelings of inadequacy are overwhelming
I am unhappy about money
This co-creation of devaluing myself surpasses me
Round Four:
It’s safe to feel this discomfort.
It’s okay to acknowledge the upset.
I can safely admit I’m frustrated.
I know I’m overwhelmed.
Because I want so much in my life.
This discord is insane.
Accepting this anger about lost income.
This inability to accept money in my life.
Round Five:
I release this frustration now.
Letting it go.
Allowing my Self to relax.
I don’t have to do anything RIGHT NOW.
I can give my Self time to focus.
On feeling better.
To release all of these overwhelming feelings.
And all of this unreliable circumstance.
Round Six:
It is safe to let go of this upset.
I release it to the Universe.
Letting all of this discomfort and overwhelm be free.
Be present in this moment.
Have awareness of freedom in my body.
To be grounded and safe in every cell of my Soul.
Trusting this process.
Right now.
Take a deep breath in. Hold your arms over your head. Breathe out.
Now take a look at where you are about income and accepting Abundance?
Choose a number from one to ten.
Note the change.


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