How to Self-HEAL


Can you actually heal yourself?

Feel open and willing. (However that appears to you.)

Identify what hurts.

What could be the cause?

* Insecurity
* Sadness
* Abandonment
* Anger
* Betrayal
* Guilt
* Confusion
* Shame
* Blame
* Depression

Set the stage:
Burn a candle, incense, place crystals around the room.

Sit, Relax, Place your Palms up on the top of your thighs.

Take three deep breaths, in thru your nose, out your mouth.

Breathe steadily and normally.

Imagine the pains are accepting the light.

Let go of what you deem as the “TRUTH.” See list of Causes above.

Ask your Self specific questions:

+ What size is the pain?

+ What shape is it?

+ What color is it?

+ Where is this pain in my body?

+ How does it make you feel?

Focus your attention on the spot again.

More often than not, it’s moved, changed appearance, lightened in color.

Repeat above sequence until the pain is gone.


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