The Benefits of Becoming MORE Intuitive

– YOU NOTICE INCREDIBLE TOLERANCE. Even with the folks you despised or hated in the past.
Internal work is expressed outwardly through your reactions and actions. Patience, acceptance, letting go, awareness in the middle of a conflict (so you can choose lighter communication) all become more available when your intuitive skills are evolving.

– The “AHA’ moments will show up in plants/animals around you.
When you pay attention to the environment and nature, you’ll start to notice a LOT more. The colors of the plants and trees become enhanced, shadows and shapes are more in-focus. The beauty of Mother Nature isn’t lost on you. This actually helps to maintain The Bigger Picture versus the minor details of upset.

– Intention is the expression of your BEST SELF.
Your dreams and yearnings get a spotlight.

How do you KNOW what that is, exactly?
Ask Spirit Guides for input (see How to Connect blog.)

Consider what people say about you (how insightful you are!)
This is an indication of a hidden gift or talent since childhood.

Clairaudient (It’s as though you’re reading aloud to yourself)

Clairvoyant (seeing like a film)

Clairsentient (knowing, feeling, emotions, physical sensations

– You will have a clearer understanding of Purpose, and what kind of work you could be doing.

– Dreams are more clear.

– You can find lost items (car keys!)

– Happiness is more apparent in your body.

– You’ll have a burning desire for well-being.

– You won’t be as attached to things that DON’T work out.

The focus is on what you WANT to manifest, versus what isn’t in your life.

Remarkable things start to happen (or is it just that we’re more open to seeing and experiencing them?)

Can’t wait to start discovering or enhancing your Intuition? Check out my Courses on Gotgoosebumps?


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