The Benefits of Becoming MORE Intuitive

– YOU NOTICE INCREDIBLE TOLERANCE. Even with the folks you despised or hated in the past.
Internal work is expressed outwardly through your reactions and actions. Patience, acceptance, letting go, awareness in the middle of a conflict (so you can choose lighter communication) all become more available when your intuitive skills are evolving.

– The “AHA’ moments will show up in plants/animals around you.
When you pay attention to the environment and nature, you’ll start to notice a LOT more. The colors of the plants and trees become enhanced, shadows and shapes are more in-focus. The beauty of Mother Nature isn’t lost on you. This actually helps to maintain The Bigger Picture versus the minor details of upset.

– Intention is the expression of your BEST SELF.
Your dreams and yearnings get a spotlight.

How do you KNOW what that is, exactly?
Ask Spirit Guides for input (see How to Connect blog.)

Consider what people say about you (how insightful you are!)
This is an indication of a hidden gift or talent since childhood.

Clairaudient (It’s as though you’re reading aloud to yourself)

Clairvoyant (seeing like a film)

Clairsentient (knowing, feeling, emotions, physical sensations

– You will have a clearer understanding of Purpose, and what kind of work you could be doing.

– Dreams are more clear.

– You can find lost items (car keys!)

– Happiness is more apparent in your body.

– You’ll have a burning desire for well-being.

– You won’t be as attached to things that DON’T work out.

The focus is on what you WANT to manifest, versus what isn’t in your life.

Remarkable things start to happen (or is it just that we’re more open to seeing and experiencing them?)

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5 EASY Ways to Connect with your Spirit(ed) Guides


1. Go Outside
Being in nature helps set the framework for communication with your inner wisdom.
Get away from the electro-magnetic fields (computers, tv, cell phones.) It calms the mind chatter and allows the senses to awaken.

2. Call for them
Literally. Yell out a name (CLARK!!) Think of the Spirit Guide as a character or image. Ask them to help you make a decision.

3. Automatic Writing
This written form encourages the thoughts, ideas, creativity hidden away in the recesses.
Write out three pages long-hand. Don’t read it, don’t think about what you’re writing. Just do it.
Read the pages out loud.

4. Draw them out in your dreams
Keep a journal. Write down as much as you can recall when you wake up.
You could get up in the middle of the night and write out what you saw, felt, remember.
Look for the patterns that arise.

5. Meditate
Spend at least five minutes a day letting your mind and body relax.
Actively being mindful really helps with sussing out the Spirit Guides. When your mind is quiet, you tend to focus on the root of the issues rather than the fears of the past or speculation of the future.

How to Self-HEAL


Can you actually heal yourself?

Feel open and willing. (However that appears to you.)

Identify what hurts.

What could be the cause?

* Insecurity
* Sadness
* Abandonment
* Anger
* Betrayal
* Guilt
* Confusion
* Shame
* Blame
* Depression

Set the stage:
Burn a candle, incense, place crystals around the room.

Sit, Relax, Place your Palms up on the top of your thighs.

Take three deep breaths, in thru your nose, out your mouth.

Breathe steadily and normally.

Imagine the pains are accepting the light.

Let go of what you deem as the “TRUTH.” See list of Causes above.

Ask your Self specific questions:

+ What size is the pain?

+ What shape is it?

+ What color is it?

+ Where is this pain in my body?

+ How does it make you feel?

Focus your attention on the spot again.

More often than not, it’s moved, changed appearance, lightened in color.

Repeat above sequence until the pain is gone.

How To HEAL.

How to HEAL Someone

Draw attention to the person or animal

As you turn towards them, notice where your attention goes on their body

What are the signs of pain and suffering?

People are easier than animals but can mask a lot as well, especially with chronic pain.

We instinctively KNOW what needs healing

How do you know whether they are open to accept?


– look at you
– nod or respond in agreement
– stay in one spot
– lick or rub on you (animals only!)

Imagine your HEART is sending out healing energy to the pain.

How do you know if healing actually “took?”

The animal/person:

* is calm and relaxed
* appears content or more clearly more “themself”
* more youthful in activity
* eat and drink more
* sleep better
* are less reactive to negative triggers (loud noises)

Ask yourself, did this work? (you’ll get an immediate response “Yes” or “No.”


Tap, Tap, TAPPING for Abundance!

Tap Points:
1. karate chop point (only for first round)
2. top of the eyebrow
3. outside of eye
4. under the eye
5. upper lip
6. chin
7. collar bone
8. under arm
9. top of head

(Note where you are around accepting INCOME and PROSPERITY? Choose a number from one to ten.)

Round One:
Even though I’m so overwhelmed and uncomfortable by my inadequate value, I love, honor and respect my Self. (three times on karate point)
Round Two: (one line per point, starting w/top of the eyebrow)
All this pain
It’s overwhelming.
I’m sad about what I can’t do.
Because of this loss of value.
It hurts so much.
It takes so much to deal with this lack.
It’s hard to deal with the loss of income
There’s so much to figure out.
Round Three:
This pain takes so much energy.
Living my life fully feels out of reach.
It’s hard to comprehend where it comes from
It’s difficult to feel happy
When I experience this angst
All these feelings of inadequacy are overwhelming
I am unhappy about money
This co-creation of devaluing myself surpasses me
Round Four:
It’s safe to feel this discomfort.
It’s okay to acknowledge the upset.
I can safely admit I’m frustrated.
I know I’m overwhelmed.
Because I want so much in my life.
This discord is insane.
Accepting this anger about lost income.
This inability to accept money in my life.
Round Five:
I release this frustration now.
Letting it go.
Allowing my Self to relax.
I don’t have to do anything RIGHT NOW.
I can give my Self time to focus.
On feeling better.
To release all of these overwhelming feelings.
And all of this unreliable circumstance.
Round Six:
It is safe to let go of this upset.
I release it to the Universe.
Letting all of this discomfort and overwhelm be free.
Be present in this moment.
Have awareness of freedom in my body.
To be grounded and safe in every cell of my Soul.
Trusting this process.
Right now.
Take a deep breath in. Hold your arms over your head. Breathe out.
Now take a look at where you are about income and accepting Abundance?
Choose a number from one to ten.
Note the change.

How to Spot your INTUITION


1. “The Nag”

You will be bothered until you take action.

2. “The Prickle” or “Goosebumps”

Easy to discount since you get them and forget.

3. “Recall”

You think of someone and they “appear” with a phone call, in a conversation, or in-person.

4. “The Question”

When you consider the wonderment of it and the response or answer is immediate.

5. “Stop Thinking About It”

Move on and the right choice pops up.

Getting a Peace Delivery

One of my favorite practices is Tonglen.

It’s an incredible way of not only mindfully pulling oneself out of angst/upset/frustration/fear/mind chatter, but is an extraordinary connection with other human beings on a soulful level.

Here is how it goes (can take five minutes or twenty, depending upon how long you want to spend in the Presence of Peace.)

Firstly, find a place that’s comfortable. I usually put in earplugs and turn off my cell or put it in another room. Initially, you’ll have to read this. Eventually, you can generate from memory and won’t have to follow each step. It’s an easy process to learn, once you have done it once or twice.

After repeating it, this would be the time to close your eyes.

Think about the challenge that stops you. Whether it be fear of the unknown, anger, loneliness, impatience, thwarted love, a persistent health issue, or financial upset.

Let it surround you. That means, really FEEL IT, think about it, welcome it, honor it.

Be exceedingly angry, downright hurt, incredibly sad, exhaustingly lethargic, shaky or unnerved. Allow it to seep in.

Breathe it in, know it, understand where it settles in your body and Soul.


Give yourself the compassion and love you deserve. Accept and welcome the respect and lack of judgment from the Universe. This means, your Highest, Best Self comes into play here. You can sometimes feel very floaty, dreamy, unattached to your body, even tingly.

Now, imagine ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE who suffers from similar experiences – of loneliness, fret, great fear, worry, sorrow, frustration, just like you.

Bring them to mind, and give them the peace and freedom of LOVE. Offer a hug or hold their hand.

Feel them next to you.

Add another person you know in a same situation.

And another.

Now you are in a group, a membership of understanding. You all have the capacity of moving beyond the blocks that held you all in the place of darkness. You’re brought them into light.

You bring folks in that they know, people in your building, the houses next to you, the neighborhood. Now include the community. Those that suffer from your identical issue and challenge.

They are included in your Circle of Light. They become peaceful and feel LOVED.

Now, you’re accepting those people who are connected with the others. They join the group. The Circle becomes larger and wider, and deeper.

You all are beyond the pain and anguish of the same cause.

The more join in, from the surrounding Circles of connectivity, relatives and friends, and people they touch.

You start to spread to the entire country, then other continents.

Now you can see the whole globe is in your Circle, your orb of light and love, peace and calm.

You are all tranquil, happy, and free.

You breathe together for a few deep breaths. In and out as one.

As you start to become more present, you KNOW you’ve made an incredible difference to your Self and all of those who had the exact suffering that held you back from your life.

The Universe thanks you with a warm hug of acknowledgment for who you are.

On the planet.

You open your eyes.

In love,


Come Here, Well-Being

Do you recognize the WELL-BEING sensation? If you don’t, you could (I won’t SHOULD on you this morning.)

Once you have that Well-Being experience, you’ll want it always and forever; just like that feeling you get placing the loaded shopping bags in the trunk, the delightful knowing as the wait staff presents you with the platter of a sultry dish, the moment you glance at your lover – no matter what the two of you are doing, inhaling your infant’s innocent breath, and the swirl of glory in the sunset.

She’s gotta have it, he thrives on it, you just get it.


It’s all what you manifest for your very own dictionary. As you turn the pages from “Wa” and get to “Well,” you inhale a specific image. It represents the significance of your WELL-BEING.

It does evolve with time, however.

Each moment, you could generate another meaning for Well-Being. It’s totally up to you.

Who knew?

Your Greatest Self always knows. It’s simply a matter of tapping it, tuning-in, connecting, asking, excavating, scavenging, sorting, organizing, being present to, and sharing.

‘Cause in speaking it aloud, there’s something even more magical that occurs.

Take a chance and experiment with the reactions. Don’t be stingy!

The responses from both YOU and THEM are glorious, curious, and can be enticing!

And let me know how it goes, because I live for that shit, really!

Please and thank you rolled into a big ball of LOVE,


Ground, Baby, ground!

Here’s how I GROUND:
Look up, imagine a blinding light from above comes down thru the center of your forehead.
It travels down your face, neck, throat, across your shoulders, down those long arms, elbows, to the wrists, and hands, to fingers.
You feel it journeying down the sternum, stomach, groin, hips, thighs, knees, down the calves and feet, into your toes.
At the soles of your feet, as they’re planted on the ground,
think about an amazing root system, going down the earth, to the FIREY red center.
Breathe there, for just a minute or two.
Then, working your way up the root system,
you go all the way UP your body, to the center of your forehead.
Blasting out to the Universe.
Up and down that Energy flows.
NOW, consider your BAD ASS SELF
you’re welcome!
Paula Hill
Empath at Large

“Oh Trudy!!”

is to call a name out loud.
I know, it sounds incredible that it could be that easy!
Truthfully, it is usually the first name that comes to mind. “Trudy” pops out of my mouth, as I wonder, “Who’s around?”

Then, I can pose any question I want to know the answer to, whether it be:

What should I have for lunch?
Who can I call or email since I’m feeling blue?
What should I be doing RIGHT NOW for my business?
How can I pay the rent?
When is the best time to run my errands?

Try it out.
See what happens.
Test the waters.
Break free of “I don’t know’s..”

You can keep track of your “wins” by writing things down in a journal. Make note of the patterns that arise.
It IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to start generating what you know (and most often it’s RIGHT ON) with practice.

Please let me know how it goes….and SHARE the heck out of your results.

*Remember, it isn’t about being RIGHT, it’s about dabbling in the insight and not succumbing to the ego satisfaction of success. It may very well look “wrong” and turn out, in the end, to be spot-on.